Audiobook Samples

lit.fic., 1st. POV, scene w/3 children
romance-younger woman/older man, 3rd POV, M/F dialogue
suspense thriller, 3rd POV, male speaking, w/1 child speaking
memoir, 3rd POV, F/F dialogue, southern
the Law of Three - Non.Fic.(self-help), 3rd POV
Islands in the Stream - Lit. Fic., 3rd POV, M/M dialogue
Alana/thaddeus - Horror, 3rd POV, F/M dialogue


I am a SAG/AFTRA actor, VO talent, as well as a writer and producer. I have been a professional country singer/songwriter. I have also had a career as a teacher of incarcerated youth. As an actor, I am usually cast as a mother/grandmother, angry/comedic/crazy(including Alzheimers and dementia)/sexy(cougar) older woman. I have recently written, produced and performed an autobiographical serial episodic podcast, ‘Authentically, Debz,’ a southern girl looks at 70, the through-line of which is my lifelong struggle with OCD; I have led a wild, crazy and sometimes dangerous life. You won’t be bored! As an audiobook narrator, I am drawn to fiction including romance, suspense thrillers, cozy mysteries, horror and literary and historical fiction. *Narrating Southerners is one of my specialties. I also really enjoy narrating all types of non-fiction, including, but not exclusively, memoirs of fascinating characters. Finally, I am an active member of the Audio Publishers Association(APA), the voice of the audiobook industry.