Debora is a small-town southern girl hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, who is also a  veteran stage actor.  From Port Players in Shreveport La, Main Stage Arkansas Repertory theatre in Little Rock AR, several Phase One Productions in San Francisco including “Elaine’ in “The Miss Firecracker Contest,” “Juvee” at Climate Theater also in San Francisco, and “Sirens of Seduction” at Victory Theatre in Burbank. There was also “Triumphant Voices of the Unheard” in Bovard Auditorium USC.

Debora has also been a professional country-singer/songwriter, performing at such venues as Lone Star Café in NYC, Palamino  Club in LA and in her cabaret and one-woman show in San Francisco, ‘Intuitively,Debora.”

Debora is also signed with the SAG/AFTRA theatrical talent agency, The Library Agency in LA, and with Magdalena Talent Agency, a commercial talent agency in Manhattan Beach CA.

Debora indefatigably studies  her acting craft with Geoffrey Blake in LA, James Ciccone NY and Billy Gally Gallo LA.  She has also studied with Jean Shelton San Francisco. And she has even studied with Uta Hagen New York. Debora also studies with casting director Terry Berland, and Nick Omana, for commercial and voice-over commercial/animation/games.  She has also studied with Eric Singer NY and is studying with Tom Antonellis LA for accent/dialect training.

Debora has also built a personal professional broadcast quality studio for audiobook narration and voice-over book.

Debora also writes, produces and performs her podcast called ‘Authentically, Debz, a southern girl looks at 70.’ (https://authenticallydebz.libsyn.com)  The first year of her podcast was memoir, serial/episodic and autobiographical, the story of her life to that point, the through-line of which was Debora’s lifetime struggles with OCD which led her through a wild, crazy and sometimes dangerous life.  The second season is interview format with a variety of guests including her subscribers and listeners, mental health specialists especially those specializing in the treatment of OCD, as well as folks from the entertainment industry: actors, directors, writers, producers, mentors and anyone else who has something to bring to the table!  

Deb has already dropped 28 episodes of her podcast and her recent guest was Abby Sher, a well-known writer and performer, whose work has appeared in Modern Love, has performed with Second City, written for Elle, Redbook.  She is also a fellow sufferer of OCD, and has written several books, her latest ‘Santuary.’  Debora will be producing her memoir from her ‘Authentically, Debz’ podcast as an independent film; the working title is ‘Toehold.’

Debora has also completed Level 1 and 2 of Second City’s Improv intensives, and will continue with it as time permits in her busy schedule.

Debora’s most recent film credit is from the film ‘How I Met My Me’ by Jeff Lewis. She has also recently done  an independent film ‘So Natural’ directed by Danielle Criqui.  And a comedic indie called ‘The Ride’ directed and written by Hunter Shigley.

Debora works especially well with  children (including teenagers) and animals. Debora has also been very busy raising her beautiful granddaughter, Myriah, who is now the mother to Deb’s one and only great granddaughter, Oakley, who is now 2 years old, and who Deb is thoroughly in love with! Debora also loves all animals and has 2  well-loved rescue pets, doggies Bella Journey and Black Bear, whom are age 20 and 18 respectively!

She has recently retired from a long career of teaching Special Education to incarcerated youth, one of her passions(Deb calls it the ‘ER of education.’

Debora definitely works hard, but she also likes to have fun which includes traveling and enjoying new experiences, along with working out regularly with log-time trainer, Eugene.

She loves playing golf, walks/hikes and cycling.  And she is a ‘sports fanatic’ for her football team in college, the Arkansas Razorbacks, and in professional football and basketball. Debora was also a cheerleader and baton twirler in high school, for which she later used that skill when she played the character “Twirler’ in the play Talking With. Debora has also sky-dived, zip-lined and hot-air ballooned, all of which she intends to do again soon.

Deb is currently busy auditioning for on-camera acting in film/tv, completing the 2nd  season of her podcast ‘Authentically, Debz’ and continuing adding to her memoir portion of her podcast. She will also be narrating audiobooks and doing  voice-over work from commercial to animation/games.

So please stay tuned!!!