August News

New Zoom video clip is a scene from  The US vs Billie Holiday.

Also – this month I conducted my 4th interview of the 2nd season of my autobiographical podcast Authentically, Debz, having now dropped 22 episodes! I interviewed Carol Edwards, an OCD expert, fellow sufferer and author of  Desire-Intrusive Thoughtshear it here  or see it and hear it here. So far in my 2nd season, I have interviewed 4 authors, one of an epic of historical fiction and 3 on mental health issues, OCD and anxiety. My next interview will be of someone wonderful from the entertainment industry. My life story, season 1 of my podcast, involved OCD, the arts and many other facets of my life. So I will be interviewing a wide array of folks: listeners of course, friends, family and anyone who has something to bring to my table! Stay tuned. 

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